Check Out Photos From Juliet Ibrahim’s Lagos Birthday Party[Posted By Sean Ps]


Ghana actress Juliet Ibrahim celebrated her 28th birthday in Lagos at Buddha Lounge in VI on March 2nd. Her sisters Nadia and Sonia Ibrahim, actress Jackie Appiah, Julius Agwu, Uti Nwachukwu, AY comedian, IK and many celebs were in attendance.

Check on it…01-Promosouth1-Promosouth2-Promosouth3-Promosouth04-Promosouth4-Promosouth7-Promosouth8-Promosouth9-Promosouth10-Promosouth11-Promosouth12-Promosouth13-1-Promosouth13-Promosouth14-Promosouth15-Promosouth16-Promosouth18-Promosouth19-Promosouth21-Promosouth22-Promosouth23-Promosouth25-Promosouth26-Promosouth27-Promosouth28-Promosouth29-Promosouth30-Promosouth


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