Sean Tizzle Shoots New Videos In South Africa | Peek Behind The Scene Photos}Posted By Jed Ps}

Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-promosouth Rave of the moment Sean Tizzle took off to South Africa to shoot FOUR music videos, with the prolific Sesan getting the job done. Sean Tizzle is in great mood after breaking out in 2013 and from the look of it we could be having four eye candy video as he looks to release his debut album in April…Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-1-PromsouthSean-Tizzle-PromosouthSean-Tizzle-PromosouthSean-Tizzle-PromosouthSean-Tizzle-PromosouthSean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-7Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-8Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-9Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-10Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-11Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-12Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-13Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-14Sean-Tizzle-BTS-Photos-15


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