Timbaland’s Wife Files For Divorce/by Michelle


Timbaland’s wife of five years is
filing for divorce.
With the year that he’s currently
having, it’s hard to think that anything
would not go in Timbaland ’s favor.
Unfortunately that’s not the case as
today it’s being reported that Timbo and
his wife are calling it quits after five
years of marriage.
According to the lawyer, Timbaland ’s wife,
Monique Mosley, has filed for divorce
from the super-producer. Monique is
asking for alimony, life insurance, private
school, vacations, summer camp, and
other expenses for their 5-year-old
daughter Reign. She is also trying to
seek child support for her 10-year-old
from another relationship. She says
Timbaland is the father by default, since
he’s “publicly and privately proclaimed
this child as his own.”
Monique is also claiming that she has no
money and even had to borrow from a
friend to pay for her lawyer. She wants
Timbaland , who’s worth a reported $80
million, to pay her lawyer’s fees.
While divorce proceedings are still
pending, she has also asked for a lump
sum, “rehabilitative alimony,” and
permanent alimony.
The couple had welcomed their
daughter in 2007 and decided to wed
one year later in Virginia. They had
been married for five years, but were a
couple for twice that.


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