Rihanna’s Instagram photo, depicting her posing with an animal categorized as a protected species has lead to the arrest of two young men.}Posted by sky

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If you follow Rihanna on Instagram, you’re probably aware of her recent trip to Thailand. The last few days have seen the singer posting dozens of photos of her voyage, mainly consisting of beach poses. It’s one seemingly unassuming selfie that has garnered some controversy however, leading to the arrest of two men.

The photo depicts Rihanna posing with a slow loris (a creature you may recognize from Youtube fame), which actually turns out to be a protected species. Two young men (one only 16) have been charged with possession of the loris, and their charges could result in a four year prison sentence as well as a fine of $1,300.

Rihanna does not seem to be facing any consequences for posing with the animal, and has yet to comment on the situation.


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