Rick Ross Discusses What To Expect From “Mastermind” LP}Posted by skye


Rick Ross discusses his upcoming album, “Mastermind.”

Rick Ross finally announced the release date for his sixth studio album, Mastermind, this past week. The MMG release is dropping on December 17th, and Rozay is already in promo mode. The rapper sat down with Karen Civil TV to discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming album.

Rozay faced his fair share of challenges this year, which it sounds like he’ll be referencing on the album. “In the last year I done seen some things, I done been through some things, so you’re going to feel that passion and that aggression,” Ross said. “Certain things that’s getting addressed in the records. I think the streets are really going to love this.”

While we don’t have many details yet on the features on Mastermind, the Miami native said there’ll be a soulful side to the LP, revealing he is putting the finishing touches on a record with Bobby Womack.

Check out his full interview below, where he also discusses appearing on Jay Z‘s “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.”         http://youtu.be/AfeIEiWPHnE


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