Paris Hilton Wants To Collaborate With Nicki Minaj, Reveals Features From New Album


Paris Hilton reveals some of the
features of her Cash Money debut, and
speaks on collaborating with Nicki Minaj
in an exclusive interview with HNHH.
When it was announced that Paris Hilton
had signed with Cash Money back in
May, it took many by surprise. The
socialite had already made a foray into
music back in 2006, but it seemed she
now was making her way into the realm
of hip hop.
While Hilton is still primarily operating in
the pop world, her new deal will
definitely score her some rap features,
which she revealed in her exclusive
interview with HNHH.
“I’m working with a lot of really cool
people,” she said, explaining that on top
of the Lil Wayne feature , she’ll have a
few more big names on her Cash Money
debut. Paris said we can be sure to
expect features from “Snoop Dogg , Flo
Rida, and some other surprise people.”
As far as artists she’d like to collaborate
with in the future, the heiress kept
things within the Young Money family.
“I think Nicki Minaj is really cool,” she
said. “I love her style. I love the way
she sings. So that could be a fun


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