Mariah Carey Announces Jermaine Dupri Is Now Her Manager


Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri
announce a new merger of their talents.
Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri have a
lot of history together, which they are
hoping to turn into big bucks, with the
announcement of a new “merger”
between the two.
The “merger” basically means that
Jermaine Dupri will now manage Mariah
Carey . In a press release, Jermaine
stated, “A multi-talented artist of
Mariah’s caliber should be doing
everything imaginable. I’m sure others
have said this but not the way I intend
to do it. For me, it’s about the
Mariah added, “We have a bond that
surpasses music. I am super excited
about our merger because we have so
many innovative ideas that I know will
come to fruition.”
Previously, Mariah was managed
by Jennifer Lopez’s current manager
Benny Medina, and Randy Jackson from
“American Idol.”
Mariah is currently at work on her
upcoming album, The Art Of Letting
Go .


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