Judge Orders Kanye West To Stay Away From Photographer In LAX Case


A judge orders Kanye West to stay away
from his photographer victim in the LAX
incident, not that that should be a
problem for ‘Ye.
Kanye West just received an order from
the judge in his on-going criminal
battery case that should definitely not
be too difficult to follow. Kanye West
was ordered to stay 10 yards away from
the photographer whom he pounced on
at LAX , which is funny, because that’s
something ‘Ye attempts to do with just
about every photographer in his daily
life. If anything, it would seem like this
could pose a problem for the paparazzi
Kanye’s lawyer, one of the top criminal
defense lawyers in the country, Blair
Berk, appeared in court on Kanye’s
behalf, and asked the judge to force the
prosecutors to hand over all the
information they have on the case. The
judge agreed, and then told the
prosecutors to advise the photographer,
Daniel Ramos, to stay away from the
self-dubbed Yeezus.
Prosecutors in turn asked the judge to
order Yeezy to attend anger
management classes as a condition of
his bail, however apparently the judge
scoffed at that request (and it was
We’ll continue to update you on the
case as it unfolds.


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