Court allows Usher Raymond to maintain Custody of his Kids over his ex


Usher maintains custody of his son after
an emergency hearing.
Usher will retain custody of his two sons
after an Atlanta judge dismissed an
emergency motion filed by his ex-wife,
Tameka Raymond, after she tried
seeking temporary custody of
their children.
The judge ruled that despite the near-
fatal pool accident involving their 5-
year-old son Usher Raymond V, it was
not an emergency or crisis situation
requiring that Usher’s two children be
taken from him.
Usher’s aunt Rena Oden, who
was watching the children at the time,
took the stand, saying she cared for
Usher’s kids for years and Tameka never
had an issue with it until now.
Tameka broke down in tears while
talking about her son’saccident. “The
whole scene was chaos!” she said,
adding that she didn’t know if her child
had suffered permanent damage.
After a long two-hour hearing, Usher
hugged his ex-wife before exiting the
court room. Little Usher Raymond is still
in the hospital being checked out and is
expected to be released Sunday.


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