Rihanna’s New Video Was Banned After Just TEN Minutes of Release


She is no stranger to controversy –
especially when it comes to the content
of her music videos – and it doesn’t look
like Rihanna’s going to be changing her
ways anytime soon if her latest visual
spectacle is anything to go by.
Rivalling Miley Cyrus ’s Wrecking Ball
antics, Rihanna showed she is the
number one twerking queen as she
busted out her best moves in the video
for new single Pour It Up.
The explicit video prompted Vevo to set
it to private within minutes of it going
live last night. In response to her
disgruntled fans expressing their
annoyance that the video had been
banned so quickly, the singer Tweeted:
Vevo then asked Rihanna for a less
explicit version of the video, to which
she humbly replied: “I’ll have it right to
In the (slightly) less explicit version,
Rihanna is dressed in a skimpy diamante
bra – much like the one she donned in
Barbados this summer – and can be
seen writhing around on a gold throne
in a blonde wig and sunglasses. The
singer also demonstrates her pole–
dancing capabilities, and proves she is a
dab hand at throwing money in the air.
In short, classic RiRi.
Pour It Up appears as a track on
Rihanna’s seventh album Unapologetic.


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