Lady Encourages Drake To Respond To Kendrick Lamar’s Diss/by Jed


Erykah Badu took to Twitter today to
encourage Drake to respond to Kendrick
Lamar’s alleged diss.
Outside of Kendrick Lamar ‘s infamous
“Control” verse, we’re in the no-names
era of rap disses. While rappers sub-
tweeting each other in their verses can
be interestingly cryptic, it’s often led to
listeners creating beef that doesn’t
In Kendrick Lamar ‘s latest BET Cypher
verse (which we still haven’t heard in
full, by the way), there is already a lot of
confusion. While it seems to be directed
at Drake, many have suggested that it
may have actually been aimed at
Papoose ( Papoose included). While
things are still unclear, it hasn’t stopped
Erykah Badu from stepping in to
encourage the (possibly imagined)
Drizzy and Lamar beef. The singer took
to Twitter today to request that Drake
come back at Lamar.
Drizzy has been known to refrain from
responding to attacks, but unlike
Common, Lamar is the closest thing the
OVO rapper has to competition in the
game right now– so we’ll have to wait
and see what he does next.
Read the tweet below.
Drake, u gotta come-back boy …
This HipHop.
6:07 AM – 5 Oct 2013
News by your boy Jed HBIC


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