Diddy Donates $250,000 To Young Entrepreneur Network/by Jed


Diddy generously donated $250,000 to
the Network for Teaching
Entrepreneurship this week.
Sean Combs is well-documented as the
highest paid man in hip hop , so it’s only
right for him to give back. As a relatively
self-made man, Diddy decided to inspire
the next generation to do as he did,
with a donation of $250,000 to the
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.
Combs also offered some inspiring
words for ambitious youth, including tips
to run a business, and approaches to
take an entrepreneurial approach to life.
“I am honored to partner with NFTE on
this initiative because I am extremely
proud of the work they do every day,
helping over 500,000 young people
reach their dreams of becoming
entrepreneurs,” he said. “I believe all
young people should be given the
opportunity to be successful and to
pursue their passions and NFTE gives all
kids the tools they need to be the CEOs
of their future.”
Written by Jed HBIC


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