Susan Peter Joins Eucharia Anunobi’s Born Again League

susan there will be no greater joy in heaven for a sinner who turns from his or her wrong way to follow God. This expression is for those who have surrendered themselves wholeheartedly to the will of God. One of the Nollywood actresses, Susan Peters, we have just gathered, has turned to God and a lot of her friends are of the opinion that she can never be a true born again.

The actress according to sources recently gave her life to Christ and is now a dedicated follower as she has not stopped telling people about Christ and prophesying into their lives.


The actress, ever since she is been telling people about Christ, has been seriously criticized that she can’t be real. One of the things they remind her of is her controversial lesbianism allegation, her talentless acting skills, to the attitude she displayed in Aso Rock Presidential Villa etc but she has not let any of that get in her way as she sees that as her past.


The actress will join the likes of Nollywood actresses & actors that have turned born again Christians: Eucharia Anunobi, Liz Benson, Ernest Asuzu, Kanayo.O.Kanayo, Pat Attah, Zack Orji, Rita Nzelu and more who are now preaching the gospel of the truth.


The Idoma-born actress, who has love for charity causes, sometime last year launched her charity organization, the Benue Pikin Susan Peters Foundation at the Lagos State Motherless Babies Home, Admiralty Way, Lekki and also gave out some of her red carpet dresses through auctions.



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